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The Headsnipper


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Part of the Kingdom Of Coralan collection from the 3dartdigital.  

Rows of merfolk criminals, disheveled and some missing scales or fins from wounds, swam forward awkwardly.  Bubbles rose, swift and angry, from the cave before them.  Mizuna smirked, "you are about to meet the one the humans call The Headsnipper.  You will soon see why."

The Headsnipper, Alpha Bracyuron: The ancient monster known as The Headsnipper is the oldest living bracyuron in Coralan, having nearly lost all vestiges of his merfolk heritage.  Serving the Kingdom for hundreds of years as a slave, he is only released from his cell to fight or infect merfolk criminals with the beast curse, creating new bracyurons.  

Product Info

Scale 32mm
Number Of Minis 1
Number Of Parts 28
Aprox. Models Dims D x W x H 115mm x 125mm x 95mm
Aprox. Base Diameter N/A
Base Base Not Included
Material Resin


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